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Being on the edge of nudity.


"Nudi-Edged" or "Nudi-Edging"= The act of almost completely de-clothing a person, to embarrass or prank them.

Similar to getting "Pantsed", but you also lose your shirt too, and are left in your underwear.
So i was at a party and I went upstairs w/ this girl, and I was taking off my clothes and i was totally "Nudi-Edge" when she said "Oops i am on my period", so i was like damn:(

So after football practice everybody takes showers and this one kid really pissed me off so while he was in the shower i went into his locker and stole all his clothes but his "Tidy-Whities", everyone agreed that i "Nudi-Edged" that kid so bad.
by theneutralswiss December 13, 2010
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