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When you apply pressure to each side of a lucosade sport bottle and the build up of pressure inside the bottle causes the air to squirt out, bringing some liquid with it.
Did you just nucc that bottle?
by professionalnuccer123 February 13, 2018
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The most extreme NUTT humanly possible. A hip shattering orgasm of supernatural proportions.
Bro Monica made me NUCC so hard last night I literally passed out on her floor.
by SenpaiOfNucc October 04, 2018
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5'5 skinny blonde who can't like the same boy for a week (boy ADD) and blows spit bubbles off her tongue.
she's a "clip person" and wears extremely layerd and different colored and patterned clothing that most people think look's rediculous but she enjoys. she also layers random jewelery in random places.
she also thinks she's a vegetarian yet she still eats chicken, and she's obsessed with the grand electric.
she think's she's going to mary greg.
"omg i love my best clip person ever, NUCC!" -pam
"omg i'm so mad at drewsy i have to stop this is too much drama" -nucc
by i love nucc September 02, 2006
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