During a game of euchre if your partner says 'sorry' you can reply 'npp'
by MrCube January 4, 2019
No Potential Pussy

For instance, you go to a bar and you're looking for a hot chick. There are none around that seem good enough.
And there you go. NPP
"man there is Npp in this place"
by Just_m June 29, 2019
acronym for "nice profile picture" when making a comment on forums or social networking sites such as facebook
on Facebook, if someone has a profile picture that catches your eye or simply looks cool, it would be appropriate to type npp in the comment space.
by the Biznut May 20, 2009
Bengt: Hey, let's go to my place.
vetzka: Yeah, what can we do there?
Bengt: I'm thinking NPP and a good movie.
by pixlez May 22, 2004
Craigslist acronym for NO PENIS PHOTOS used by people (mostly women looking for men) that don't want to have to spell it out for all the guys that like to email around pictures of their penis.

Beautiful, smart and athletic seeks handsome-you for friendship and maybe more.

NPP duh!
by unbelievablyBeautiful January 28, 2008
a derogatory term used to describe the phobia of black penises; it means: Nigga Penis Phobia.
Quashon: Hot dang, wanna bangg??
Hannah: -throws up- Umm, no. -throws herself into a corner- I have NPP. NPP ALERT!!
Quashon: What's NPP??
Hannah: Something you have that I don't wanna see.
by Lucy Rex June 24, 2009