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A Noup is a not worth it group meaning a group of people you would perfer not to hang out with. A noup can also describe a group of girls that are not worth the trouble to hang out with because of things they've done or because their no longer fun to hang out with; but a noup is not necessarily a bad thing if the girls who are in your noup( a list of girls that are not worth it) are fun to hang out with, but the reason why their the noup is because nothing will happen with you and them. The noup can vary everyday depending on the circumstances. For some a girl can be a woup one day and a noup the next and for some they might be permanently in your noup.
Dude this girl just blew me off today..she might be in my noup now.

I dont wanna hang out with the noup because its just gonna be gay.
by ShaneB July 15, 2010
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