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Nottingham Forest have finished bottom of the Premier League more times than any other football team making them the worst team in Premier League history
by carlosfandango68 May 08, 2013
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Worst football team in the East Midlands. So poor, in fact that the English FA are considering removing them from the football league, and replacing them with St Martin's Special School 4th team.
Human 1: See Nottingham Forest lost again today
Human 2: 73 nil to St Martin's.
by sniff my knickers October 31, 2007
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An amazing team with a great history they were known best in 1979-1980 winning the European cup 2 times in a row but now they are doing decent with Barry McKay doing amazing
1. Nottingham Forest did amazing yesterday
2. Of course we did we've got loads of good players
1.Hey we totally forested them today
2. Yeah we do did
by Real Red November 25, 2017
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