Not doing anything or not doing anything important.
Andy: Hey, what's up?
Jake: I'm not doing shit.
Andy: Oh, same here.
by Nombreno December 25, 2011
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An expression most commonly used when referring to performing a task, often used conversationally. Subsequently, often turned into a lame joke.
Joe: man, Mike is such a fucking lazy ass, he doesn't ever do shit.

Unfunny co-worker: oh he doesn't "douche it"? that's really unsanitary.

Joe: This is why I never talk to you.
by Soo Doh Nim May 16, 2011
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To have sexual content that is more than just kissing, and implies all other bases other than first.
If you're horny, to an attractice person:

"Hey- wanna do shit?"

About your best friends who just did sexual things on your bed:
"They totally just did shit on my bed! Now I have to make them wash my skanky ass sheets!"
by girl who does shit October 24, 2007
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The act of being michevious when bored out of ones mind.
When Mike, Matt, and Logan were bored, the decided to do shit.
by Michael February 10, 2005
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The act of doing an activity that gets you off hours ass
by Logic z January 11, 2021
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You're not going to do whatever it is you just threatened to do.
Chelsea: hoe I'mma steal your man if you don't back the fuck up
Sara: you aint gon do shit
by justabee14 April 10, 2019
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