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This is a game used to determine the order of something, much like drawing straws. Play begins when somebody declares, "Nose Game!". As soon as it is called, players try to be the first to touch their noses with their index finger. The last person to touch their nose loses, and generally is forced to do the unwanted task.
person#1: How are we going to decide who's going to go get the door?

person#2: Nose game!
by Jesus Himself May 31, 2005
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A game where a group of people play to decide who has to do the unfun activity. It begins when the first person puts a finger on their nose.
Andy: "I need a volunteer to take out the trash"
Ashley puts her finger on her nose. Sara follows. The rest of the group follows. Amy is the last to do so. She has to take the trash out.
Amy: "Oh crap! I suck at the nose game!"
by ilovecamp September 18, 2007
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