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A small city in Huron County, Ohio. Most people reference Cedar Point, just twenty minutes away from Norwalk, when trying to explain to someone else where they are from. Most people know everyone in the city.

There are two high schools and lots of elementary schools. Too many pizza places and grocery stores.

In 2009, one high school's football team won the State Championship game.

There is a museum dedicated to the history of the Firelands.

There are lots of parks and a very nice reservoir.
"So where are you from?" -first person

"Norwalk, Ohio." -second person

"....Umm where?" -first person

"It's about twenty minutes away from Cedar point, just south of Sandusky." -second person

"Ohh okay." -first person
by egm93924 April 11, 2011
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Norwalk is a town in NE Ohio that has alot of pretty historic buildings and houses however it is over run with white trash, pillbillies, junkies, juggalos, wiggers, and rednecks. There are several trailer parks and government subsidized housing that tend to be full of young, usually drug addicted single mothers and mexicans. People from Norwalk for some reason think they are ghetto or hard but most are just failures at life who sell their food stamps for cash and get tattoos from their buddies in a basement. Losers of Norwalk typically never get out of the town and become scumbags for life.
Father : Would you rather live in Norwalk, Ohio or Willard, Ohio?
Son: Neither since you can't go to a public park without seeing a syringe laying around.
by aytch420 September 16, 2014
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