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A town in western kentucky that is full of stupid people and nothing to do. This town has more hoes than las vegas, (thats why we call it mad-vegas.)
by Ya girl homie g stuff August 31, 2008
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Madisonville, Texas:

Population 8,500.

60% White Caucasian
24% Latin American
14% Black (African American)
02% Other
Commonly referred to as: "Madville", "Tha Ville", "Mustang Territory", "Po Dunk Texas", "Narnia".

A) A little Texas town, just barely big enough to call a city. Sits just off Interstate 45 between Dallas and Houston. Forms a drug city triangle with Bryan, Texas and Huntsville, Texas.

B) Also known as the Mushroom Capitol of Texas

C) Should be known as the Meth Capitol of Texas
A) Person 1: "Yo man, where da hell we at?"

Person 2: "Damn man, I dunno, we in tha woods for sure though. Look at them black folks riding horses down the highway!"

Person 1: "Well hell, that's pretty crazy. But hey, look at that sign over yonder mayne, says we're in Madisonville..."

B) "I went to this little old town called Madisonville for the Mushroom Festival... I was not entertained..."

C) Person 1: "Damn nigga! Where'd all the drugs go!?"

Person 2: *looking around frantically for a second* "Well fuck man, where'd I put them crock racks?"

Person 3: *coming through the back door with a bloody nose* "Hey bro, don't worry bout the drugs, I gotta guy out in Madisonville selling some meth for way cheap. Ya'll wanna make a quick pick up?"
by PKATT January 04, 2012
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