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Adjective, similar to "sick" and "gnarly". It isn't really a judgement of whether something is good or bad, it just shows that the speaker feels some emotion toward the thing they're describing. Especially useful for uncertain or ambiguous circumstances.

This term originated after the infamous Norovirus outbreak at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2018. Students began using it as an adjective to reflect the strong emotion they felt toward this sickness.
“Hey are you using your tripod as a selfie stick? That's so noro!"

"What if we had kaleidoscopes for peepholes? That would be so noro!"
by ALEX, PhD May 07, 2018
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A prefix meaning kiss or french kiss. Best used in the word norophonics.
noro- does not mean neuro-.
by GalaxyDancer May 21, 2005
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Noro is a term used for something wrong, faggy, shit, pig, smelly, fat or holy goalie(from hole=shit, can't save any shot, for ex. in hockey, soccer etc.) This word is commonly used in slovak language, "noro" can be used by slovak commentators on stv2 or stv3(slovak televisions) while commenting hockey or football match. It can be also used as synonym for pig, or you can tell it to someone very fat, or with stupid face. So noro=insult.
"You are noro! Can not jump over that fence?:D"
-you are fat and u suck in sport.
"This goalie is weak, he is catching like noro!"
-it is not very hard to score against him.
-You are noro...5+5=10...
"You smell like noro!"
-you smell like a pig's shit.
by lolotus March 07, 2009
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