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Normified, the act of a once famous meme, or a once popular and dank meme, becoming lame and overused because of a community that overused and used the meme wrongly, resulting in the meme dying and eventually becoming a normified meme. Normified memes are usually very common and not funny, they are irrelevant to present day events, and they can be found very hated for some reason. some examples of normified memes are meme generator memes (basically a picture with words on the top and bottom), the youtube channel BehindTheMeme, and most 9GAG memes. (Seriously, BehindTheMeme and 9GAG need to stop)
Gee Thomas, stop using that normified meme, we all know its dead.
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by Moist_Publisher September 25, 2017
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Customised, made to work or fixed.
My car was broken so I took it to the shop to get it normified
by Norm January 30, 2004
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