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The politicaly correct term for an indigenous person of Australia.
Guy: noonga stop sniffing petrol

Aboriginal: Ok, dardy
by brae123 February 17, 2010
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A person who likes to ride their kangaroo into the desert to hunt for sweet iguana meat using their trusty boomerang. You will often find them outside of centrelink and can recognize them by their constant use of 'nek minnit'.
Person 1- who's that person stealing that commodore outside of centre link?

Person 2- must be a noonga
by sexynoonga69 April 27, 2013
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An Australian Aboriginal. You might see one on the side of a Centrelink looking for dumpers.
Aboriginal: oi der brudda got a smoke ay?
Whitey: nah noonga not for you haha
by Smidward December 05, 2015
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A racist term for an Indiginous Australian (Aboriginal). It is often refered in accordance to other racist terms and idioms that often revolve around an Aboriginal getting high from breathing in the fumes of petrol, paint and other strong chemicals.

It is also used as a common nickname for the aboriginal race as it is deemed more appropriate by white people to use noonga than boong, or abo. This however is entirely false as it is still a racist term.
You fucking black petrol sniffing fat fucking noonga.
by Joooolz December 30, 2009
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