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Noobioes - similar to Cheerioes (but really quite the opposite), is commonly referred to as "The Breakfast of Champions". Noobioes is made mainly of Noobs, in fact, any impurities in Noobioes is frowned upon in the elite community. Noobioes (when in its purest form) consists entirely of ground noob, purified finely in the Grinder, and shaped into small 'O' shaped cereal (Also check out AlphaNoobs in the breakfast aisle - noobioes in the shape of the alphabet! The breakfast of champions in training!). Noobioes should be consumed before gaming, hacking, modding, or anytime the craving of billions of noobs all in one bowl is had.
"Aww dude I'm getting owned today!"
"I'm not, I had my fill of Noobioes, The Breakfast Of Champions, this morning"
"Shit man, I'm fresh out of noobioes... got some AlphaNoobs, The Breakfast Of Champions In Training, though!"
by Carson Myers July 02, 2007
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Sounds like Yugi-Oh, but Noobio! A noob with spiky long hair and has two personalities - Sucky and Uber Suck.
Player A: Get that Guy!
Player B: I can't, I ran out of bullets
Player A: NOOBIOOOOOO!!!!!!
by Rayray1256 April 09, 2008
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