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A grammar school located in Surrey where students are kind and intellectual, they have a lot of respect and many people are really fit. A numerous amount of schools are jealous of the beauty and brains they have.
John: Wow, that girl's so nice and fit; she's perfect!
Jason: Yeah, she must go to Nonsuch School!
by POOOOOFACE December 18, 2009
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an ordinary high school , full of bitches rolling up there skirts and clumsy dumbass year 7's acting so cool. full of girls with stick legs standing on fat ego. loads of indian people. everyone turns dumb after like a month. poor school, broke af, everythings old, girls acting posh waving iphones in your face and pushing your butt on the bus. posh neeks acting weird around boys
Boy: ewww look over there, that third class cheapo with her skirt rolled up higher than here future.
Boy 2: ewww it must be an nonsuch school girl
by ewwihateschool December 15, 2017
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A school where sluts go to get there training.most of them are easy and dont cost much.if ur looking for a quick,cheap and easy time ask for jo or alex their sort u out.also the school with most sti's and teen mothers
need a whore call nonsuch high school
by a fool March 16, 2005
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a grammar school with students who turn dumb once theyve reached year 8. they all pay money to meet other boys cause they are all desperate skets. they stalk boys on the bus bc they find them peng, even if theyre actually an ugly fat fuck.
Boy 1: Look those sad girls are approaching.
Boy 2: How desperate? 15 girls coming towards 2 guys. They must be from Nonsuch School.
by suckmybigbaboon October 24, 2017
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