It is for those who can't make it through "No nut November"
I'm doing Nonstop nut November and Olivia is making that pretty easy!
by buddy's hard November 4, 2020
1) A slang used for people unable to complete no nut November

2) The 11th month in a year
1) a: I couldn't do no nut November. | b: just do nonstop nut November instead | a: good idea
2) a: What month is it? | b: its nonstop nut november
by Deep-Night-Chan November 4, 2020
When one engages in No nut november or no fap november, one does not ''wank it'' for the entire month of november, but Nonstop november is the straight opposite of that. In short terms you just wank it every day in the month of november
Some guy: Whats up
Nonstop november contestant: Oh just fapping
Nonstop november contestant: Dude, its okay im on nonstop november
by Mjolkpaket November 7, 2017
On November 2nd for all of November you must workout surpassing your limits and do everything that benefits you November 1st is prep time
I can’t wait for nonstop November I’m gonna build some serious gains
by Letsstart74 November 7, 2021