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Command in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) for playing a flute, theres always some twat in the game standing in one of the towns playing the fucking flute with his gay furry band
Oy mate, you wanna play some ESO?
Nah theres always conts using the /flute command everywhere
by Mjolkpaket March 6, 2018
An annoying pakistani person commonly used by pakistanis themselves to insult one another
Arina: You fucking idiot!
Jakob: Dirty pakistain!
by Mjolkpaket May 6, 2018
When one engages in No nut november or no fap november, one does not ''wank it'' for the entire month of november, but Nonstop november is the straight opposite of that. In short terms you just wank it every day in the month of november
Some guy: Whats up
Nonstop november contestant: Oh just fapping
Nonstop november contestant: Dude, its okay im on nonstop november
by Mjolkpaket November 7, 2017
Phrase used by dumb people trying to sound smart. Can also be used in various types of memes
Jimmy the retarded 6 grader: Did you see mrs Jenkins? She wore makeup!
Swagster mcgee: She looked like a whore!
Jimmy the retarded 6 grader: Quite indeed!
Swagster mcgee:*facepalm*
by Mjolkpaket December 14, 2016
The act of planning to have an abortion even though you're not pregnant, a common practice among hoe white girls
Karen: Me and Jack are planning to have an abortion
Stacey: You mean you're gonna prebort
by Mjolkpaket March 20, 2018
A pure essence of the slav next to the mayonez. Kvass is made out of bread along with other things. I't gives every true slav an orgasm upon drinking!
Slav 1:I made kvass yesterday
Gopnik: Oy blin! give me sum of that cheeki breeki
by Mjolkpaket January 25, 2017