A person that doesn't understand the knowledge of a Rubik's Cube.
Non Cuber Encounter Examples!

Non-Cuber: Is that a 10x10?
Cuber: No, it's an 11x11, non cuber.

Non-Cuber: Woah, is that a 4 cube?
Cuber: It's a 2x2, dumbass.

Non-Cuber: I have a friend that can solve that in 3 seconds
Cuber: Go die.

Non-Cuber: 2X2's are easy!
Cuber: *scrambles* Give it a shot.
Non-Cuber: *Looks at cube* Cheater!

Cuber: *pulls out lube*
Non-Cuber: is dat milk?

Non-Cuber: I just peel off the stickers

Non-Cuber: Just take it apart and put it back together!

Non-Cuber: Just use a rubik's brand

Non-Cuber: Can't you just get that at a dollar store?
by xSlxshii May 7, 2017
A person who does not have the knowledge to solve a Rubik's cube, and is fascinated by cubers.
Person 1: Can I see your cube?
Person 2: No, you non-cuber!
by NonCuberCGU April 7, 2017
A slur that "Cubers" (people who solve Rubik's Cubes) use to describe someone who can't solve a Rubik's cube in 2 minutes or less.
Man, I should've never let that Non-cuber touch my cUbE! He's a disgrace to cubism! PrAiSe tHe cUbE!
by allahu akbar January 18, 2022