1. Something you can NOM NOM NOM
2. Tasty
3. something awsome and edible/
Ex. That burrito was NOMALICIOUS.

Ex. Can i have a bite of that taco? NO ITS TOO NOMALICIOUS.
by DopeyGreenBean April 1, 2010
When something is so good, you can't help but want to "Nom" it.
This carrot was Nomalicious!
An adjective describing how wonderfully incredible something is to the senses. Usually pertaining to food, but can also be used to define attractiveness.

An extension to nom.
These Nutella and banana crepes are nomalicious.
Did you see Angelina Jolie? She's nomalicious.
Zombies thinks brains are nomalicious.
by thekelty April 17, 2009