Musicians are Noisemakers, they make noises with instruments such as guitars, drums and microphones + More
Musicians are a bunch of Noisemakers that make noises
by UnHeaven Kevin October 28, 2019
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The spewing of nonsensical words or noises in a repetitive fashion which bring chaos to nearby populations of people.
While on the computer at work, Bob would be such a noisemaker by singing, humming, tapping his fingers, saying made up words and even repeating the same things over and over again. This caused Susan and Brendon to go mentally insane and want to strangle Bob with the telephone cord.
by The Furniture Gal March 31, 2011
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Pronounced: "krôs yūs'ĕs nois'māk'ərs"

A phrase used to indicate when someone makes an amusing spelling or grammatical error. Everyone in the vicinity points and yells 'Crows Uses Noisemakers' in a German accent. A term of endearment.
"Did our teacher just spell lightning like 'lightening'? HA!Crows uses noisemakers!"
by Conrad E. Cane January 2, 2010
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