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Nohea is a friendly, fun, positive, athletic, nice girl. She can light up a room with her bright smile. Her family is fun, and she has great friends. She is super pretty, and is always trying to cheer her friends up. She loves playing sports. When you see a Nohea, go for her. A Nohea is usually Hawaiian.
Boy 1: Woah, look at that girl! She is super athletic and friendly!

Boy 2: Yep, that's a Nohea. I wish she was mine.
by Viviana2017 October 14, 2016
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A Nohea is a positive, enthusiastic, and generous person. They can light up any room they enter just with their Aura. Nohea’s tends to be very spiritual, grounded in nature and seekers of truth and knowledge. They are loyal to a fault, and not likely to hold a grudge although they never truly forget. You don’t want on the bad side of a Nohea though, they can be your biggest ally or your toughest adversary. They are champions for the weak and under estimated. The eternal optimist.

Most Nohea’s (both male and female) are extremely passionate about things that interest them. And tend to gravitate to occupations that put them in the spotlight but prefer to take a more background position in everyday life. They are more satisfied by others acknowledging their accomplishments then giving them personal attention.

Overtly outspoken, unapologetically honest, and not afraid of confrontation. If backed into a corner, they can talk their way out of anything.

Nohea’s are known to be very beautiful, physically fit with prominent and distinctive features. They have an effortless sensuality, and insatiable sexual appetite.

Nohea’s are usually Hawaiian. If you are ever lucky enough to have one in your life, do everything you can to keep them.

Nohea has its origins in the Hawaiian Language and translates to “Handsome. Awesomely Attractive. Magnetic Beauty” and is often used as an Adjective to describe ones physical appearance. The name is unisex.
Omg, that girl is so Beautiful!”
-Yes! She is so Nohea
by XfyleMusic October 17, 2017
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