A superior level of intoxication, resulting in belligerence or some sort of devine sexual activity. The last stage of drunken-ness before passing out.
I drank until I was so Noelle that everyone looked sexy.

If this party sucks, I'll drink until I'm Noelle and make it fun.
by Lexi Barton September 25, 2007
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A hot cheerleader. She is gorgeous and smart. She is also in orchestra. cus that is where the cool kids are at these days.
WOW look at the Noelle ! I wish i dated a Noelle. Noelle
by Kyle8 September 04, 2008
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Noelle, a strong, independent, loving, brave, fearless girl who doesn't give up on anything. Noelle is a beautiful girl that can make any boy be willing to date her. She is a very strong and fearless person who takes everything as a challenge and can turn an impossible to a possible. Noelle is an amazing strong girl.
"hey, dude. Look at noelle over there... Damn she's hot."
"I know man, legend has it that she sighed up to get pushed of a plane tied to a chair with a bungee cord of course."
"Damn dude, she is fearless and so hot"
by Noellejc_12 June 14, 2017
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A great friend who loves Kai her imaginary boyfriend. Also loves tinker bell.
Noelle is that kai
by Sexy beast 43 August 09, 2017
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an aisan slurry who likes to get freaky with older men in a shed
dicko: whats that noise?
michelle: it's coming from the shed... must be noelle
by michhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh April 18, 2009
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The smelliest thing to ever walk the earth.

loljk love you girl!

so sexual
Noelle, shut up.
by oohyoutouchedmytalala April 07, 2011
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noelle.. the total geek of every school! A dog who barks all the time and takes pictures of herself with flowers on the pic. All she knows is how to have sexual intercourse with her TEXTBOOKS. This. is. NOELLE. geek. eeeek
" ewww shes such a NOELLE "
by BnR-friend December 06, 2012
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