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Someone who is hard to understand, but once you get to know her, you'll soon realize that you can't stay away from her. She may seem unusual or different, but she isn't. Just like every other girl, but when she talks, she keeps things vague. Great at math, and when it comes to looks, she definitely has the best!
Guy 1: My girlfriend is so stupid, but she couldn't even tutor ME

Guy 2: What subject
Guy 1: Math
Guy 2: Then get a Noela girlfriend
by ClaudiaHopkins March 17, 2011
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The most amazing and beautiful girl you will ever meet. Noelas are easily one of the kindest people ever. They have the purest hearts and will do anything for the ones they love.
Noelas also make the most compassionate and truest friends. Likes to be the most intelligent person in any room but isn’t an ass about it. Extremely talented and artistic. They are unique heavenly beings, if you ever see one bow the hell down. The most important person you’ll ever find in your life so never let them go. To have them is to have happiness.They have an appetite for adventure and are rebels just for kicks. there is truly nothing that they would not be up for. Extremely outspoken but painfully hilarious. She can make anyone collapse into fits of laughter, if only you can make her care enough. Best kisser there is and ever will be. Hottest and the most fun in bed. But is also the most perfect cuddle buddy. Always smells amazing and has the softest skin. Noelas are extremely stubborn and can be cold when their heart is broken. Since they love hard and give you their all. They will never trust you again. Always do right by a Noela.
β€œHow is she so perfect and yet so nice?”
β€œMust be a Noela”

β€œFuck man. That Noela is end game bro!”
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by Thornhillflowerblosom June 07, 2018
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