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Noun: A self-centered person.

Verb: To do something for self gratification that hurts others, or to vandalize a natural wonder.
Leaving graffiti on a mountainside? What a nocket!

We went to see the canyon, but some vandals had nocketed most of the best cliff. It really ruined our trip.
by Alaskan_Wolf October 25, 2014
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(n): A person who is so blinded by narcissism that he or she believes the damage they cause is actually art.

(v): To vandalize, especially a national park.

Source: Casey Nocket, who hikes into national parks, paints over natural features with acrylic paint, and then post photographs of her actions with pride.
Example 1:
Hiker: Wow, this canyon sure is beautiful

Douchebag: Yeah, I think I'll paint a face on that wall over there.

Hiker: Dude, don't be a nocket!

Example 2:
"Hey, hold my backpack while I nocket those rocks."
by GPq October 24, 2014
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