The most retarded comeback known to man. Almost never used in its proper context and is usually just used as a crutch phrase by people who think that reaction images are flawless arguments. 50% of the time it's used in situations where it has absolutely nothing to do with the aggressor. The other 50% of the time they are usually losing in an argument so they decide to play 'home sergeant' and use this to dictate whether someone's allowed to speak or not.
If you use this or have ever used this in the past please rethink your life choices.
Person 1: About that new reveal that just happened, does anyone here not like Byleth coming to Smash Ultimate either? We're getting close to more Fire Emblem characters than any other franchise in the game.
Person 2: I mean, on the other hand Byleth does have a pretty kick-ass moveset on her as well, so they're definitely going to be fun when they come out.
some retard: cAll me fRank beCaUse fRanklY nOboDy aSkEd..
Person 1+2: Shut the fuck up.
by Fruitsz February 12, 2020
An insult, meaning they don't want to hear what you have to say. Normally told at school in one of these two circumstances--1)They asked you the question and you answered it honestly 2)You give your opinion on the same topic when they were talking to you

This is normally a sign of bullying or harassment, but some people mistake it for "kids being kids". If the same person says "Nobody Asked" to you more than once, you should stop talking to them as they are trying to get under your skin.
Person 1: What's your favorite Star Wars movie or TV Show?
Person 2: I like The Mandalorian, it was a great Star Wars show!
Person 2: But, you literally asked...
by v1vdefineswords December 7, 2020
The worst possible comeback in an argument.
Person 1: Babe, you can’t deny it any longer. You cheated and I have proof.

Person 2: Nobody asked.

Person 1: Your comebacks only make me want to dump you more.
by NotNotRyan June 3, 2022
A saying that is so cringy that I will slap you through your monitor and make you suck my ass
Person 1: *states opinion*
Person 2: nobody asked

Person 1: man shut yo bitch ass up like nobody asked that you could be so cringy
by Charlie Houle March 31, 2022
what people who are a fucking low life loser say because they can't think of anything because their 2 braincells are trying to comprehend what the conversation topic is
person 1: hey i'm playing minecraft
bitch: nobody asked
person 1: i don't give a shit if nobody asked you fucking dumbass
by nobobyaskedDONTGIVEONESHITBITC October 20, 2021
One of the most retarded comebacks known to humankind. Usually, these comebacks are endemic to (most) 9, 10, and 11 year olds.

There are numerous circumstances on when these events can happen:
1) An 11 year old got mad on Fortnite and blamed it on other people
2) Someone told their honest opinion and a little kid got his feewings hurt
3) That cringe kid thinks that “nobody asked” is still funny
4) You give your opinion on the same topic when they were talking to you
5) A little kid gets super desperate not to lose a virtual argument and uses it.
Person 1: hey i’m playing minecraft
A retard: nobody asked

Person 2: grow the fuck up
by Senorken May 4, 2022