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An arcade that resolves the issue of game-hogging by including two (or more) of every game. Since it has two of everything, it's called a Noah's arcade.
That kid has been hogging the racing game for over an hour. But it's okay, this is a Noah's arcade, we'll just play next to him!
by Ocelevaze July 19, 2016
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Regional chain of video game arcades located in the Auroa Ill. area in the movie waynes world 1. Owned and operated by Noah Vanderhoff, who was formaly involved in meat packing (lips and hooves)
Noah: Come bust a move where the games are played. It's chill, it's fresh, it's Noah's Arcade!

Wayne: A sphincter sez what??

Noah: What?
by ifky302 February 11, 2008
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