Abbreviation of "no wuckin' furries" which is a less vulgar derivative of "no fuckin' worries".

Australian origin.
"Can't make it out tonight - no money!"

"Ahhh no wukkas mate - I'll lend you a score"
by in-effect July 6, 2004
"Hey man, I can't make it tonight." "No wukkas mate!"
by Griff909 April 25, 2015
A white boy who is good at rapping and, or, producing hip hop / rap instrumentals.
All you other Wukkas say come over here and blow this, I smoke my rubber tires, got me spinnin' doing donuts.
by RonDeVoo March 21, 2011
meaning a white male trying to act as black as he can. Hangs out with black people, etc.
Dude, your white.
Yes, but im a wukka!
by Trevor December 17, 2003
means 'pukka' jus a rhymin word 4 it.. pukka means sexy, choong, bum etc. when you say 'pukka wukka' it means EXTREMLY SEXY!!
1. "you look pukka wukka"
2. Your myspace looks wukka"
by latoyah May 16, 2008
Wukka belly means to have a bad belly and really need to go to the toilet
I can't believe I ate from that shop now I have wukka belly and really need to go
by CODdominator August 20, 2011