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1. To act like a lil bitch when sumting u stand 4 is the b'in threaten. (see: U.S. Department of State-> Press Releases July 5, 2014: Detention of Tariq Khdeir)

2. An idiom for the lack of courage, to act cowardly.

3. To stand for something, but stay quite when it's challenged by a group of people.

4. Can also be used: "you have no spine," "your statement has no spine to stand with," or simply " you have no spine,b. so, stfu." to lack a spine
1. Let's say tomorrow you got access to a time machine, and went back in time (sumlike 1930's-60's... when black american's were treated like gum or shit), and you did nothing about it and watched. Even doe err tang in ya tells ya "u a lil bitch for doing nothing." At this point, it would be right to say that you have no spine.

2. "...So, is that what you call a getaway?
Tell me what you got away with
Cause I've seen more spine in jellyfish
I've seen more guts in eleven-year-old kids
Have another drink and drive yourself home
I hope there's ice on all the roads..."

From the song "Seventy Times 7" by Brand New, in which the singer expresses disgust with the Spongebob pencil for not having enough courage to draw himself a gf. Lil bitch. Now he's a drunkin' ass d-bag for driving drunk, and endangering all of us.

Thought I was going to let the singer off the hook? Nah, he a lil b too. He should've called the p, but he too much a lil b and is ignorant about pear-pressure.

Also see:

3."...Cause I've seen more spine in jellyfish
I've seen more guts in eleven-year-old kids..."
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