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Can be used social situations where you want to say something absurd about a girlfriend or wife of your friends but also let them know it's non-offensive and that you're not jealous "no jello". Used as a "no homo" figure of speech.
Two dude's sitting at the pool with their wives

Dude #1: "Yo, your wife has some nice tits. No jello"

Dude #2: "Righteous, your wife has a phenomenal ass. No jello."

- OR -

Dude #1: I want to fuck your wife, no jello.
by Dr. Boston April 03, 2010
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When you want to say something mean or rude about someone but in a total innocent, serious, honest and wholeheartedly way and that it has nothing to do with jealousy. And you know you're NOT jealous.
I really hate her boobs. They're way too big, really. No jello.

This man has an annoying smile, why do girls for it so much? No jello, dude.
by galbgalb June 06, 2012
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