The people that stay up all night working, and make fun of the fact that they do.
I had to pull an all nighter to finish my homework. #No Sleep Gang lmao
by Bobcatadam September 24, 2020
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People that listen to sad and ambient music at 3 am while feeling depressed.

Generally the sleep gang listens to sad YouTube music.
They completely own the comment section and comment why they feel so bad or write uplifting things to sooth the pain of fellow sleep gang members.

They dwell on YouTube channels like:
-the bootleg boi
-Biteki びてき
Maybe you didn’t know it but if you listen to sad music at 3am and feel depressed you are a member of the sleep gang.
by Schniko May 19, 2020
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a group of cringe people that refuses to sleep for no reason, they will die one day from exhaustion
- I'm part of the no sleep gang
- Woah that's kinda cringe bro
by thisisnekk May 13, 2020
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NSG is Known As No Sleep Gang Created By Youtuber WhoIsFresh The term is used to represent his fanbase.
NSG (No Sleep Gang) defines that we are on demon timing and we ready for them hoes
by hifresh December 19, 2021
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A group of hustlers and musicans from HIraq that dont sleep due to the fact that they always grinding
Whos that making them hits like that? Oh thats ya boi leauxkey from No Sleep Gang (NSG)
by leauxkey February 19, 2018
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People who listen to sad music at 3am and feel depressed.

Generally it’s sad music on YouTube.
They write lots of comments about why they feel depressed as well as uplifting comments to sooth the pain of other sleep gang members.

Common YouTube channels the sleep gang dwells are:
-the bootleg boi
-Biteki びてき
I’m chilling with the sleep gang tonight.
by Schniko May 19, 2020
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