Greatest rock song ever written in the history of rock! Everyone knows this song, and really no one seems to hate it, it's pretty much the universal song for "chillin'"
Man, those townies rock out to "More than a feeling" hXc!
by James Nease August 3, 2006
Dude #1- Dude after Allison broke up with me I listend to More than a feeling for 8 hours.
Dude #2- Dude... its a good song, but thats a little lame.
by Beowulf 2112 August 25, 2007
Hillary Clinton's 2013 initiative to teach women and girls worldwide to abandon their emotions and become heartless, blindly ambitious harpees just like Hillary.
Thanks to "No More Feelings," every girl in my class acts like a complete bitch.
by Valefar November 6, 2013
Another way of saying I like you. Mostly said by men to be sneaky.
You would say I feel more adult towards you to someone you like if you want to give them a hint.
by Shockey January 21, 2016