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A female (or male) that is good looking enough to get through life without ever having to work. This is because they can easily find people to pay all of their expenses. It doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't working, rather, that they don't have to be working,
Girl1: what does she do? She always comes out of her penthouse duplex in these gorgeous clothes, and has no regular schedule.

Girl 2: Her? Oh she's no jobs hot, so she always has some rich guy paying for everything. This sheik bought her a Maserati AND a Lamboughini as a present last month.

Girl 1: That's so much better than my life.. I have to work twelve hours a day. Do you think that I could just have somebody pay for everything?

Girl 2: hahaha, NO WAY! You are not that good looking, and definitely need to work at least one job to pay for your bills.
by sugarbuns69 April 09, 2015
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