When a girl likes to get fucked in all her holes in one session.
She got boned in all holes last night.
by <insert> October 2, 2004
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No Holes Barred is a term used when talking about sex where the woman will accept the mans penis in all the popular places: Mouth oral sex; Pussy vaginal sex; Ass anal sex

A website for consenting adults looking "no holes barred" NHB sex. www.noholesbarred.co
High honey, I heard you will take it in anywhere - no holes barred. Can I have sex with you please!
by Uncle Alfred January 12, 2017
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Incorrect spelling of "No Holds Barred" - see separate entry.

The correct spelling means "In a fight where no maneuvers are prohibited"
he spelt it "no holes barred" when he means "no holds barred"
by hatset December 10, 2007
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A very nice esbablishment to have fun and enjoy drinks with friends
Man I had such a blast. That was a real shit hole bar.
by Thaibybaby July 15, 2018
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