Anthony: I have to break up with you

Birtha : alright nml lmfaoo
by Hdjrbdhhdnensdj April 21, 2019
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Stands for “not many left”
When you think you have a close friend group and realize there’s not many left so you say “NML”
How many boes are left?
by Chef Mio March 11, 2018
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Nipple Markup Language - A very powerful markup language derived by Mr. Leeper and fellow co-workers. All NML tags and syntax are approved by the NMLC (Nipple Markup Language Committee).
<sweet on=true>new WSAD sucks design</sweet>
<yee>New Design</yee>
by broox October 28, 2003
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the nicest person you'll ever meet.
nml is the best and the nicest dude I've ever met.
by Nmlo6 June 29, 2019
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"Needs More Lard" -- expression making fun of fat people's cooking.
Dan: "I brought some healthy vegetarian refried beans"
Leah: "NML"
Erik: "nom nom"
by Julia Bath October 28, 2009
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