Girl 1: Oh my Daddy slapped my ass so hard last night.

Girl 2: Dd/LG? Nmk.
by BL4KB1RD January 27, 2018
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New Mama Knockers. When a woman's breasts become humongous due to pregnancy. However, mentioning this to a pregnant woman (an incredibly hormonal pregnant woman) may earn you a slap to the face.
Pregnant Girl: "I'm due in a month!"
Impressed guy: "I can tell, you've grown yourself a nice pair of NMK's!"
Pregnant Girl: "Excuse me?"
Impressed guy: "Huge tits."
Pregnant Girl: "...Excuse me?!"
by xrobotlove February 12, 2011
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What one says when observing unruly behavior in other people's children.
At the festival the other day, a three-year-old was out of control - screaming and running all over the place. All I could think was, thank goodness he's "NMK (Not My Kid)".
by Lugasamom October 14, 2010
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Native mob killer the opps of native mob mostly in cass lake mn and minneapolis
Guy 1 : what you banging
Guy 2 : Big NMK and EBK blatt
by Nmk_NORTHSIDE_SLIDER September 19, 2020
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Naukri Margadarshana Kendra is a term in the Marathi language for service for guiding job seekers in Maharastra for Government Job opportunities using the portal
I am gonna get government job through NMK.
by IndiaNMK May 24, 2020
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