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A very rare friendship between two people that consists of instant connection, many laughs and a bond that is unbreakable from the beginning. Even when things become difficult, everything is resolved without any drama or ill feelings. There is, in fact, so little drama that these two friends want nothing more than to talk constantly because of the amount of immense happiness each person gives to each other. Having a nizo friend is better than any gift that can be given or received yet, gifts are often exchanged between them because of the extreme level of admiration they feel towards each other.

Few words are adequate to fully visualize what the other person means to them. It often involves paragraphs or even pages stating how the other person affects them for the better. The bond is for life. If a day goes by where neither of them speak, tornadoes, hurricanes and mass armageddon will likely ravage the planet.

Their conversations last hours, sometimes days. They have so much in common that they both get lost in deep talks which only make their connection stronger. It’s like they are the same person and have so much in common that every day something new is discovered which brings them even closer together. Because of this, they make the best drinking buddies who share endless amounts of fun with tons of laughs and have much more fun than average friends have. This combination makes them the best partners in crime.
"You two are so nizo, i ship it"
"Where's my nizo, i miss 'em"
by kneetothekayoh December 21, 2014
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Ashley:Do you know Hillary's phone number Kim?
Kim:Nah I don't nizo Hillary's number
by Kim and Ashley December 25, 2003
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