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Name in Sanskrit that means controller/ ruler/ dictator. A South Asian chick/dude who is overly confident and overly takes pride over his/her name because most people don't have that name. The name is unheard of, but for good reason, for one cannot handle a girl/boy with a name like that. One with that name does not have to be called out loud, because one knows that his/her name is about to be called, by the struggle and frown in the callers face to pronounce that name. "Niyanta" is synonymous with dictators, and other powerful things.

- Another word for "Pwned" or "Owned"
Nisreen- Yo Niyanda!
Niyanta- Shit! I told you, my name has a T on it! NiyanTa!!!! Not NiyanDa!!!

haha I can't believe you got killed in C.O.D by Henry! You just got niyanted!!! Tight!!
by Paris22556 July 03, 2011
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