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Nithila is a name that means beautiful like pearl. Nithila is one of a kind unique name. She/he is unique in their own ways. They are lazy as always but hyperactive. They love things that not many people like but they don't care. They like to stand out from the crowd. They have a lot of talents hidden inside but don't like to show off with them. They are not really good in relationship but can give tons of advice to their friends. They might look cold at first but once you get to know them, they can be the most awesome person you have been with.
I wish I could be a Nithila
by ._pabo_. January 16, 2018
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Nithila is the most stupidest word in the universe. If it were to be used as a name either his or her parents are deaf or just really hate their kid. Nithila is a retard who is a joke to his friends and has the wierdest life more than any other being in the universe. He somehow manages to have the most stupidest most dumbest life in the whole universe. Nithila is a person who has average skills in every sport he does whether it be cricket, soccer, swimming. He always manages to say dumb things. You would die laughing when you hear him laugh cause he laughs exactly like scooby doo. Nithila is a guy who will have a head the size of Sigiriya. (An ancient rock fortress located in Sri Lanka) Nithila is a guy who would have the wierdest parents on earth or any other planet. To know Nithila would be a honour because you will never meet a person like that ever in your life because he is unique in the baddest way possible. Nithila would be good at studies and vv bad in relationships but then again he atleast can say that he was in one.
In the end you never can say where Nithila would end up in his life be it a beggar in the streets or a wealthy man with a good job because even a freaking soothsayer cannot predict his future . So please if it is a parent who is reading this please dont name your son NITHILA because if you do you are making the biggest mistake in the whole wide world and you wouldn't want that for your child.
I think that looks like a nithila.
by Sucksinsports May 21, 2017
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