The word Americans say when trying to pronounce niche
"Choose a small nitch market" when overheard is actually "Choose a small niche market"
by hopelessone February 03, 2010
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It is the combination of nigga+bitch.
Origin- Northeast, India
by Mr.Joof February 24, 2017
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The space where the bum ends and the upper thigh meets. A nice Nitch constitutes an overhang of the bum. A poor Nitch is where the bum leads directly into the thigh. A Nitch test can be done to determine the quality of ones Nitch. Simply put a pencil underneath your bum cheeks. If your butt holds the pencil you've got a sweet Nitch. If its doesn't well your ass sucks. Larger objects can be placed in the Nitch to ascertain the sweetness of a nice Nitch.
Girl: "I've got the nicest ass around"
Guy: "Prove it, do the Nitch test"
by sweetmary September 17, 2012
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"I had a date with that cute little nitch last Friday."
by kjsdfvlksd February 13, 2010
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A crap that one takes while reading educational material on the toilet.
I took a huge nitch while reading that textbook on neuroanatomy.
by M. Greiffenstein May 29, 2007
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