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An amazingly eloquent and geeky and awesome girl who's leprechaun size but has the heart of a giant and the wrath of an angry bull with a hangover. Funniest chick in the universe and the best writer/HP fan the galaxy has ever known.

Nisma, you are the shit. In a good way.
Dude, Nisma may be small but she could kick your ass from here to here again around the fucking world.
by RubyBlue August 01, 2011
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A kind & caring person who is easy to befrend and difficult to dislike,
Known to be incredibly girly and feminine,
Very pretty, even though they don't recognise it,
Has Excellent dress sense, always looks classy,
Prone to take on other peoples opinions, often not satisfied with their own judgement on serious matters,
Can be unsure of themselves. so always give your Nisma a confidence boost when you can!
That Nisma just doesn't get how clever she is. She needs a hug!!!
by SexyfishVampires June 13, 2011
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