What is nis:
Wrong doer, sinner, hit by a mark, fallen short of the glory of God.
what is nis, simple nis is sin backwards.
by RicardoCoke.Com September 11, 2021
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Niš is a city in Serbia and one of the oldest cities in the Balkans, and has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West.
Constantine I, ruler of the Byzantium empire (4th century) was born at Naissus, (today called Nis, Serbia)
by CrnaStrela September 5, 2005
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A guy who always wears rainbow socks
Nis is an interesting guy
by NoodlPoodl September 11, 2018
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Short for the term "penis." Originated in Oklahoma along with the shortened term "Za." Nis may be used in any situation including confrontations, celebrations, and general roasts.
"Hey man, you wanna go get some za?"
"Say "za" again and I'll punch you square in your nis!"
by BrattyBB February 5, 2017
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Spanish slang term used for describing a generation of youth (between 16-35 years old) that neither studies nor works.
No ocupation at all, they usually leech their Parents' resources.
This word is originated from the conjunctions used in this sentence: "NI estudian NI trabajan".

Plural form is "ninis", can be written as ni-ni or nini.
In Spain, statistics show that generation ni ni is formed by more than 700.000 individuals and growing.

España es el segundo país europeo con mas ninis.

Me preocupa la generación ni-ni, es nuestro futuro.
by Wothanfja December 19, 2010
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