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An informative and entertaining podcast, a chatshow in which Ben, Matt, Tom and Marti host and talk about the entertainment company Nintendo. Guest hosts often appear on the show, usually from their forum, or a winner of a competition. The show is usually cut down into segments, always starting with Matt reading the news. There are many following sections like Link's Listener Challenge, in which listeners can compete in a challenge, often requiring creativity and lateral thinking. The name of the show
derives from two things, the main thing they like to do on the show: talk, and what they talk about Nintendo, Nintendo + Talk = Ninten-talk
Sony fanboy: Gee, I sure wish I was a Nintendo fan so I could listen to that great podcast, Nintentalk!
Listener: Well maybe if you give up that playstation you can listen to it like me, and go on the forums too!
by Kiedis July 20, 2006
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A popular podcast that is centered around the greatest video game maker ever, Nintendo. The show's Hosts are Ben, Matt, Rob and Tom.
Podcast Listener 1: Did you listen to episode 8 of Nintentalk?
Podcast Listener 2: Yeah! It was ace!
by Wessica April 23, 2006
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Really rubbish podcast which have completly compied gamespectrum. Unoriginal and Noob-like
"I'm so not watching this TV programme, it's basically like Nintentalk"
by Brian MCJohnson September 06, 2006
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