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(Timothy Bishop) A let's player from Neenah Wisconsin. He works as a donut manufacturer. Caucasian, in his early 30s.

But more importantly, NintendoCapriSun or NCS for short is a casual and comical guy. He makes laughable movie refrences and pop culture jokes while playing, as well as talking about his strange and unique life until now. He commentates complete playthroughs of popular games like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, a variety of Megaman games, Some Final Fantasies, Banjo Tooie and Kazooie Super Mario Sunshine and more.

He's a guy with not as many subscribers or as popular as Nigahiga, Fred or huge youtube celeberties. but with 40K subscribers strong (As of 7/14/10) he's got one of the strongest and most loyal fanbases around.

NCS is popular in the Let's playing community friends with Aloyalgamer, Lucahjin, and even Chuggaconroy. His casual stature, improvised funnies he's a guy who just loves life to the fullest. and playin Video Games with commentary to share is just a good part of it.
NintendoCapriSun is an awesome dude.
by kuichikibyakuya July 14, 2010
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