Currently a Japanese Video Game company. The name means 'leave luck to heaven' in Japanese.

This game company started making card games over a century ago, who now makes video games and the console devices to play those video games. The sad fact is that they believe they're making millions which god bless them with then in reality, the western world forces them to make those clever little gadgets and pay them for it.
Nintendo is doing well again to meet that demand we set them but I'm just not going to buy it and all!
by I_am_a_loser September 08, 2013
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Nintendo's a great gaming system even though their products are geared for children, but that doesn't mean I won't play them!
by Zomborrr April 27, 2006
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A fricken homosexual gameing console that's producers suck ass and is now referred to as the "kiddy console"
1:Nintendo R0x0rz!!!!
2: get a real console shazbot!
by "uba" March 24, 2005
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Synonymous with fanboy.

A fantastically successful company known for bringing video games to the masses, Nintendo is home to at least attempting innovation, and despite some dissent among "hardcore" gamers that Nintendo caters to kids, tends to succeed more often than not -- if not critically, then at least commercially.

Though they tend to deny it, Nintendo inarguably possesses the greatest legion of fanboys any console company has ever seen. "Character Battles" that occur on popular websites rarely see any non-Nintendo character win, despite game sales figures which would suggest other characters would win. The most popular games also tend to be Nintendo, almost all the time -- even though sales figures do not support such popularity.

While sales figures of the Nintendo Wii have been staggeringly high, game quality is particularly low, especially when compared to Microsoft's XBox 360, the Sony Playstation 2, and even Nintendo's own Gamecube. Meta-review scores of Nintendo Wii games by independent websites are nearly all below-average, while, despite a general poor implementation of the WiiMote/Nunchuck control inputs, User Reviews rate them at a much higher level.

The only explanation is fanboy.
When someone talks about how great something is, that has great market success, but which is, in actuality, quite mediocre:

"You're so Nintendo."

Translated: "You're such a fanboy."
by Kylearan September 02, 2007
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A company which, while having fallen on hard times recently resorting to churning out Pokemon and other childish games to survive, must be respected for dragging the video game industry out of a freefall in the mid-80s.
Nintendo kind of sucks now, but thank God they were there in 1985.
by Mr_MoJo_Risin777 May 05, 2003
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A once respectable gaming console company in the mid-80's to early 90's... It has now fallen to a shameful level of using desperate capitalist measures, including cheaply made merchandise (eg: Pokemon), and releasing games that are high in graphic and low in storyline/maturity.

It's mascot is Mario, a stereotype Italian who fights enemies often named after racial slurs for Italians. (eg: goombas)

The oldschool Nintendo generation has grown up, and it's fanbase now consists of fanboys whom are too young to ploy their parents into buying a Playstation 2 (PS2) with GTA3, or a high end computer capable of playing Battlefield 1942 or even Quake.
Nintendork: "Wow, Metroid Prime with it's cheesy alien-zapping HalfLife ripoff game play and tedious backtracking is awesome! And it's the long awaited sequal to a l33t game that was a hit before I was even born! This is obviously the best game ever made!
Common Sense Gamer: Shut the hell up and pick up a copy of Starcraft or Battlefield 1942 if you want good gaming.
by hatred May 16, 2003
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