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The woman who is the equal and true soulmate for a Ninja.
Her intellect, wit and creativity must match his exactly.
Also, the Ninjette will always support her Ninja without fail through life.
Each Ninja only has one Ninjette and will never find another. Also, no true Ninja will ever be totally happy going through life with any woman other than his Ninjette.
Question from ordinary man #1:

Wow, Ninja John seems sharper and more deadly than ever, what do you think happened?

Answer from somewhat enlightened ordinary man #2:

He found his Ninjette and is now complete.
by The Original Ninjette October 04, 2006
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Nickname for the Kawasaki Ninja 250R motorcycle. The 250R is the smallest "Ninja" motorcycle that Kawasaki manufactures.
I took the ninjette out for a great ride yesterday.
by ninjette dude April 10, 2009
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The female version of a ninja. Just a term used by juggalos for anybody (female).
Whut up ninjette?!
by TwizTid Juggalette February 19, 2003
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1) A ninjette is considered to be a small ninja, or in some cases a midget.

2) Sometimes ignorant people like to call themselves ninjettes to make themselves sound more awesome.
Person 1 "Man did you see that ninjette pay for his burger?
Person 2 "Yeah, they scare the shit out of me."

Miranda-Blah Blah Blah My names Miranda and i think im an awesome ninjette!
Billy-Miranda, your full of crap and not the least bit intimadating.
Miranda-Shut Up Billy! I'm gonna take you lunch money!
by PandaTheClown March 14, 2010
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Powerful artist painter. Known for inspiring primal and spontaneous act of ninjitsu. Her art literally comes to life and kicks you where it counts. dont let the innocent look of this amazing artist fool you. She is feirce loving and an amazing dog lover. find her Big Furry Creatures and you will fall in love as if this were a giant fluffy bunny rabbit.
When listening to Die antwood Jeanette became the ninja goddess Ninjette to thwart all attempts to not be artfully inspired. go ninjette
by michaElemental April 21, 2013
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1) A female whose significant other is, or believes he is, a ninja.

2) A female who believes she is a ninja, or engages in ninja-like activities (i.e.: judo-chopping, sly ninja-kicks).

3) The women crazy enough to hang out with the "Kung-fu Hillbilly," as seen on YouTube and Jerry Springer.
Normal person: "Whoa, who's that chick with the crazy guy who's judo-chopping everything?!"

Normal person 2: "That's definitely his ninjette. You can tell by her headband that matches his costume."
by HugxDealerxJen June 16, 2010
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