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Ninjah is the culture, and lifestyle, in ancient Eastern civilizations. It is different from Ninja Which is a kind of warrior. Ninjah uses the energy of all the life around it, and draws it to attack things, with Ninjah-Fu. 1 Ninjah per hour is so fast, it breaks the ligth, speed, and time barriers. Raptor Jesus and Chuck Norris can move at these speeds. Moving at 1Nph, it would only take 10 minutes to get to Mars.
Dude, she moved at Ninjah speed away from me when i told her i had AIDS.

Chuck Norris brings justice at the speed of Ninjah!
by RaySpeed January 24, 2008
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A form of being superior to the commercialized "ninja" in terms of stealth, hidden god powers, and sexual prowess.

Ninjahs are incredibly dangerous, and often possess secret identities in order to stay hidden, as they are often sought after for their magic belly rub wish granting ability
Ninjah Nam is the lord of all Ninjahs.
by Ninjah Nam October 20, 2007
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