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A Ninja Slap denotes anything done with incredible style. It is generally performed at a rate which makes it unseeable, but because it is a Ninja Slap, all present understand what has just happened.
"So I said: that's what your dad said." John quipped. The group sighed. Suddenly, Arin's hand moved with incredible quickness and John doubled over holding his crotch.
by ?Ninja May 12, 2005
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A game involving a group of people (usually over three). Everyone must get in a circle and on the count of three, must take a random pose. After that, going clockwise, one person at a time must try to slap another person's hand (any person). If the person hits another person's hand, the person who was hit must leave the circle. Whether successfully hitting or missing, one must stay in that pose. Only the person who's turn it is and the person who he/she has aimed for may move at a time. The person who is aimed for doesn't go next; the next person is always to the left of the person who just went. The game ends once only one person is left. This game is usually played to pass the time.
Today, in line for the concert, we played ninja slap while the others in line watched in disbelief with a confused look on their faces.
by KzN October 03, 2009
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Very similar to ninjapwn, it requires being a ninja. To ninjaslap is to bitchslap, chumpslap, and pwn all at once.
Soroush got free fries when he ninjaslapped that employee-lady at Whataburger, then brandon jackzored some of his free fries.
by Operator January 03, 2004
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A slap made with such speed, with so little noise, that the victim is suddenly in pain without knowing what hit them.
Dude, the other day, I totally ninja slapped the local douche bag at my school. He never knew who hit him.
by JaxD. November 11, 2010
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