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A very, very large amount of nothing.

Often a term of disparagement; a quantification of absolute worthlessness.
Wow, what a waste of time your blog is. How many subscribers do you have? A nillion? Ten nillion?

I saw your trick jump. You bombed! I score it a nillion points. ;-P

Yeah, cut an album and sell it. You'll become a multi-nillionaire for sure! Lol

Lend you money? Again?! Ha! You can have as much as you want as long as you make it multiples of a nillion.
by Dr Nillionsworth October 28, 2011
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A man who chose mulitple girls over his family for multiple years. Dirty. Dishonest. A chronic lier. A cheat.
Nillion is a long time cheater on nicole and his kids
by Theone who held him down July 24, 2018
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Some cool ass cats from Milpitas.
Yo, mayne, I was at the crib chillin' when my nillions called me to head out. I love my nillions.
by Lil' Nillion April 11, 2008
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