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Nilism is an American social community for... ethnic and religious outcasts. Americans who consider themselves to have ETHNICITIES of NONE, and RELIGIONS of NONE. The Asians who don't consider themselves Asian, the South Americans who don't consider themselves South American, the Europeans who don't consider themselves European, the Africans who don't consider themselves African, the Australians who don't consider themselves Australian, and last but not least, Antarcticans who don't consider themselves Antarctican. The people who would rather do something more prominent than attend church, the temple, or pray in general. A person is also considered a Nilist if they are born and/or raised in religious, constricting chains and refuses to accept it. Nilists are indubitably diversified and deride the groups who are single-raced. Do not confuse Nilism with Atheism, Atheism still embodies ethnicity. People who feel they do not belong to a coterie SHOULD be... to the race of Nilism.
People who believe in Nilism often shun single-raced societies.
by Isaac Ocean December 08, 2008
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An anti-cult consisting of members who are not considered to have any ethnicity, religion, and race.
by Sandalyte February 24, 2009
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