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Nikta’s are the most blessed people that can ever enter your life ♥️ They are a beautiful Persian goddess and will light up ur entire future if u decide to marry her . Being friends with her is also such a big bonus as she is so pure and kind and will write u the nicest things and gives good hugs . Having a nikta in ur life could change EVERYTHING and change u for the better , Nikta is the best person anyone can wish for
Holly sh*t that girl is so damn beautiful she’s probally a nikta
by Nibbiex August 07, 2018
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Beautiful young girl who can probally CHANGE your life if you let her enter it . She is the most loyal and kindest person you will ever meet and is the goddess of light that will shine your life . You better get yourself a nikta
Omg that girl is so kind just like nikta !
by Nibbiex September 16, 2017
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