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Short for Nike SkateBoarding. Nike's foray into the skateboard shoe market.

Although Nike basketball shoes were already popular among skateboarders during the 80s due to their strong grips and durable ankle support, the Nike SB is the first offical Nike skateboarding shoe.

It's also become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon with many non-skaters wearing the shoe.
Hey man, that's a fresh pair of Nike SBs!
by T3hAnonymous May 10, 2009
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Skateboarding shoes created by Nike. Already leading the skateboarding shoe industry. Nike signed Paul Rodriguez and many other pros.
Man 1: Dude i just got Nike SB!
Man 2: Sweet Brah wat kkind
Man 1: P Rods Bro
by barronlroth August 04, 2006
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in my opinion the best skate shoes on the market ther so comfy and can take a beating some skaters say that you shouldent buy nike sb because nike are just cashing in on skating now it's popular but all company's are in it for the profit vans wearnt always skate shoes i think nike have raised the bar i would buy more traditional skate shoes like es or etnies but ther just not as good i tryed on a pair off lakie shoes and it was like tieing bricks to my feet plus nike have gave shoe deals to alot off uk skaters and anything that pisses chavs off has got two be good lol
man theese nike sb are so great to skate in
by skateboard pleb August 12, 2006
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Quite possibly the biggest and most ridiculous fad the world will ever see. They are skateboarding shoes by Nike, and people pay shitloads of money for them when they look like they are shoes that 5-year olds would wear. Fuck Nike for making them, they never gave a fuck about skateboarding but realized they could cash in so they decided to make these pieces of turds. A lot of people who buy these don't even skateboard, they just collect them to show off.
Loser: Yo, look at my fresh ass Nike SB dunks! I dropped $1000 for this shit
Me: Fuck outta here, my little cousin wears shoes that look like those.
by KRS17 February 18, 2008
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